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As corporations continue to look for ways to make even more money and cut costs, many of those companies will be turning to A. I for their new cheap labor.

Autonomous Semi Trucking is expected to displace truck drivers in the future. Currently, Truck drivers need hours of service breaks and health insurance, and AI doesn’t.

For years companies have begged for more drivers to enter the trucking industry in order to keep the wages low and profit’s up, always claiming there was a driver shortage. The real problem was the high turnover rate because of low pay and false dreams sold to them by the mega carriers.

Autonomous Semi Trucking is expected to save corporations billions in salary pay and create a huge worker displacement in the truck driving industry.

It’s unclear if corporations that have displaced workers with A.I will be taxed a worker displacement fee to retrain and provide assistance for those left without work.

The amount of jobs that provided a blue-collar living wage is getting smaller and the Government is not taking any actions right now to change that.