Why Tesla Should Have Listened to Professional Truck Drivers

When Tesla unveiled its  Tesla Semi , the world was both excited and disappointed. People loved the design but lacked confidence in its durability. According to an expert truck driver, this could have been avoided if only Tesla had taken the time to speak with people who drive trucks for a living. Here’s why industry experts should always be included in product development discussions.

The Role of Industry Experts

When developing products, it is essential that companies consult with professionals in the field. This is especially true when creating products that will be used by millions of people, such as cars and trucks. Taking into account their expertise in the field helps ensure that all facets of the product align with what drivers need and expect from their vehicles.

Tesla’s Mistake

Tesla’s mistake was not consulting with experts before releasing the  Tesla Semi. Oryńsk—an expert truck driver—pointed out several flaws in Tesla’s design, such as positioning the driver’s chair in the front-middle instead of the vehicle’s front-left side or making it difficult to access important controls due to their placement on either side of the steering wheel. Additionally, he noted that there were no exterior mirrors—a crucial component for any vehicle designed for practical use—and no handles or steps for drivers to easily get up into their cabins. These are just a few of many issues that could have been prevented had Tesla taken advantage of professional help during product development stages.

The Benefits of Consulting Professional Truck Drivers

Consulting professionals prior to product release has numerous benefits; one being improved customer satisfaction rates due to greater user experience and fewer faults found post-release. Additionally, consulting an expert early on can save companies time and money as they can avoid costly repairs later down the line due to faulty designs or components overlooked during production phases. Finally, speaking with industry experts gives companies insight into emerging trends so they can make changes quickly and stay ahead of competitors while ensuring customers are getting maximum value from their products or services.

The lesson here is clear

if you are developing a new product or service, no matter how small or large it may be, it pays to consult with experts who work in your industry on a daily basis. They will be able to provide invaluable insights into potential issues that could arise during development or upon release and can help save time and money by ensuring mistakes are avoided at every stage of production. In Tesla’s case, they might have been better off if they had consulted with professional truck drivers prior to launching their Cybertruck—instead of after! All things considered, though, lessons can still be learned from this experience which other companies would do well to take note of moving forward.