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Head Of Tesla Semi Electric Trucks Has Left The Company


Tesla’s heavy-duty truck chief has left the electric automaker after three short months according to news sources. Jerome Guillen was an executive for Tesla Heavy Duty trucks, Guillen oversaw Tesla Semi electric trucks that were scheduled to launch this year, has left the company, Tesla said on Monday.

Blaming Meat Prices and Inflation on Driver Shortage?


The U.S News organizations are trying their best to spin out-of-control inflation, the current inflation is causing meat prices to spike across the U.S., and the News organizations have settled on blaming anyone but those responsible.

According to the liberal mouthpiece nypost.com, the trucker shortage is fueling the meat crisis. No charts, no actual studies, or investigation was done to prove this theory. Yet, the “news” organization is pushing claims most folks will not question.

Facts we do know are: Government-sanctioned inflation was imposed on Americans in order to get the economy running again via the monetary easing with the printing of American dollars.

Meat is getting expensive, but it’s not because of the driver shortage, it’s because your dollars are worth less than they were before. blame those that are printing money.

As Bloomberg said in a news post a while back, There’s Plenty of Meat in America — For Those Who Can Afford It.

Rising Diesel Prices to Cost Consumers


Prices at the pump have soared about 30% nationally this year.

As fright companies pass along the diesel increase to the shippers and wholesalers , those increases will eventually start to trickle down to the consumer.

The higher diesel prices are expected to add another layer of expense to the ever-growing increase for the already rising produce prices.

With inflation in high gear, The cost to operate a Commercial vehicle is quickly rising, especially with the cost of Diesel expected to go up even further this year. That means consumers will see an even bigger increase in everyday items.

Personal Income & Spending is getting hammered because of runaway inflation

The U.S Consumer is already grappling with ever-increasing prices at big box stores, Mostly because of inflationary pressure from the Governments’ freewheeling momentary of printing.

But, many corporations aren’t convinced that was the only reason. U.S Corporations claim the problem has become worse because of Trumps’ anti-China tariffs. Making everyday items more expensive.

Most Major U.S. Manufacturers are convinced that former President Trump’s Tariffs are the major factor in current price hikes to consummers. The Trump administration implemented heavy tariffs on products including lumber, steel, and semiconductors to shield American companies from foreign competition.

One of America’s top retailers, Costco said in a report, it had seen a range of products, including shipping containers, aluminum foil, and a 20% spike in meat prices over the past month.

The increase in prices for everyday goods could continue to rise through the summer as higher diesel fuel prices will eventually get passed along to the consumers.

An Example of Power Only Loads this week



Power-only Trucking loads are not the highest-paid loads at times, but they are often the only ones available for those just starting out.

These load pay according to market conditions.

Oftentimes markets that are oversaturated with truckers are the ones paying the least amount of money. During the D.O.T blitz, we have seen many truckers going offline because they didn’t want to be part of the statistics of drivers getting major fines because of the quotas D.O.T needs to maintain. For some, it was better not to try and move any freight. That’s when we seen prices spike upwards, thus making it clear, if truckers stop moving cheap fright, prices will skyrocket.

The problem is that new truckers hungry for any amount of work are the ones keeping fright cheap.

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25 cent per mile tax on heavy trucks?

According to Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, it sounds like a great idea. He’s been pitching a new tax to pay for repairs to the country’s infrastructure. He also believes truckers will love the bill so much they’ll be happy to pay the extra tax. 

Texas Senator John Cornyn has proposed to the Senate Finance Committee a 25 cent per mile tax on heavy trucks: semis, moving trucks, cement mixers.

Cornyn said, “we’ve got to come up with some money from somewhere,” and that would bring in $33 billion a year, nearly as much as the current fuel taxes.

Leave it to the government to find a solution to everything with a new Tax and working folks. 

Republican John Cornyn III is an American politician and "attorney" serving as the senior United States Senator for Texas since 2002. 

If implemented this bill will have a heavy impact on mom and pop owner-operator business. This is a worrying approach from an otherwise pro-business state Senator John Cornyn, from the great state of Texas.


Trucking Company Owner Facing Federal Prison For Financial mismanagement of PPP Funds

According to the Department of Justice, Flame Trucking owner Fayne applied for and was granted a PPP loan application for his business Flame Trucking.

On his application, he stated that his business had 107 employees and an average monthly payroll of $1,490,200 and asked for a loan amount of $3,725,500.

Feds say he used $2,045,800 in PPP funds

As soon as Fayne took control of the PPP loan proceeds, he began using the PPP loan proceeds for improper purposes, including the following:

  • $40,000 for past-due child support;
  • $50,000 for restitution owed in a previous fraud case;
  • $65,000 in cash withdrawals;
  • $85,000 for custom-made jewelry;
  • $136,000 to lease a 2019 Rolls-Royce;
  • $230,000 to associates who helped him run a Ponzi scheme;
  • $907,000 to help an associate start a new business.

CSX to Acquire Quality Carriers, Inc.

BREAKING NEWS: Quality Distribution, a privately held global logistics and transportation provider in Tampa, has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Quality Carriers business to CSX.

CSX is a rail, intermodal, and rail-to-truck transload service across the U.S.

The Jacksonville, Florida-based railroad said it had agreed to buy Quality Carriers Inc. in order to help it offer chemical makers a combination of (logistical) rail and trucking services. The terms of the deal were not yet disclosed by the company.

According to CSX PRESS RELEASE: Quality Carriers is a leader in bulk chemicals transportation since 1913, Quality Carriers operates the most extensive bulk tank trucking fleet in North America, with around 2,500 drivers. Through a network of over 100 company-owned and affiliate terminals and facilities in key locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Fuel disruption makes fuel truck drivers essential workers

It’s as if we didn’t learn anything from the toilet paper debacle, and how if people just purchased what they needed we wouldn’t be in such a bad state.

White House urges Americans not to hoard gas as hacked pipeline remains shut. Many gas stations along the east coast are out of fuel and residences are frantically trying to hoard the little fuel that is available.


fuel hoarding
fuel hoarding

The White House urged Americans not to hoard gas Tuesday as the Colonial Pipeline, a major supplier of fuel to the Southeast, remained largely shut down following a ransomware attack by hackers on Friday.

cnbc news wire

Fuel truck drivers are Essential Workers

Fuel haulers will undoubtedly be critical workers during this fuel crisis. Like most crises, truck drivers will be asked again to do their part without any recognition from the government or public. Yet they do it because it’s a job that pays the bills and puts food on the table, or, like most, a lifestyle they chose over working in a cubicle.

Would you book a load going into the east coast under these circumstances?

It’s not clear yet if owner-operators or fleet owners are re-considering even running fright into the east coast for fear of being stranded because of the fuel shortage.

The white house for its part said during the week, all hands are on deck, in order to get things back to normal after the pipeline was attacked by hackers demanding a ransom.

A look at The Lion Electric Class 8 Semi Truck – Lion8

Today we look at Lion8 from Lion Electric, we list company-listed specs for the truck as well. The company “Lion Electric Company”, A Canadian-based manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Currently the smallest manufacturer in its segment.

Chassis and cabin

Custom-built chassis and cabin designed specifically for an all-electric heavy-duty vehicle. Components and specifications were chosen to allow the integration of multiple mechanical and electric tools to design the ideal specialized truck.

Manufactured Specs for the All-electric Class 8 Tractor truck

MAXIMUM POWER500 / 400 kW | 670 / 536 HP
MAXIMUM TORQUE – MOTOR2,200 / 1,140 NM | 1,622 / 840 lb*ft
MAXIMUM TORQUE – WHEELS33,860 / 17,540 lb*ft
RANGEUp to 260 miles / 418 km
CHARGING TIMELevel III – Minimum 3h

Operating in cold climates since 2016.

Lion Electric vehicles have been tested and proven in all types of warm and cold weather conditions.

Plus | Self-Driving Trucks Co plans merger with Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V

Plus plans to merge with Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V.


Plus, a Global Provider of Self-Driving Truck Technology, to Become Publicly Listed Through Business Combination with Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V

-- Autonomous Trucking Technology Company Plans to Start Mass Production in

-- Proprietary Full-Stack Level 4 ("L4") Software is Behind the
Decision-Making Required to Autonomously, Safely and Intelligently Drive
the Vehicle

-- Post-Combination Represents Market Capitalization of $3.3 Billion for

-- Plus to Add Up to Approximately $500 Million in Gross Proceeds to
Accelerate Commercialization and Expand Global Operations

-- Transaction Supported by $150 Million PIPE, Including Investments From
Funds and Accounts Managed by BlackRock and the D. E. Shaw Group, Among
Other Institutional Investors