Is TuSimple Leading The Autonomous Revolution In Trucking?

According to Bank of America TuSimple is “leading the autonomous revolution in trucking”, That news has caused the stock to jump 30% during trading.

The trucking industry is ripe for Digital & A.I Disruption.

Tech companies today are laying the foundation for what could be a game-changer in the way fright over land will be delivered in the future. That means Brokers and Drivers will potentially be on the chopping block for mega trucking corporations looking to get higher margins of returns for investors.

According to TuSimple

TuSimple has the Most Commercial Truck AV Patents Globally (2) In Q1, TuSimple had 31 new patents issued, expanding it’s a global portfolio to 280 issued patents that protect advancements in vehicle control, hardware, vehicle operation, and more. In addition, TuSimple has made significant technical innovations around less detectable technologies in autonomous trucking, such as machine learning, perception, real-world data collection, and processing for AI training which TuSimple protects via trade secret.

TuSimple Proprietary AI Technology

TuSimple in it’s report to investors stated it currently has 6,775 reservations for Carrier-Owned Capacity with orders from roughly a dozen blue-chip shippers, carriers, and truck lessors including Penske, Schneider, and U.S. Xpress.

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