Can You Make Money With Power Only Loads?

Making Money with Power Only

Often, many Owner-operators new to the industry or just low on funds want to run on power only, it saves them upfront costs associated with the purchase of a new trailer, but it can also cost them money as we see below. Many have no choice after they made a new truck purchase. So, not having enough savings for a trailer, oftentimes, owner Operators start with Power Only.

Below we look at all the pros and cons associated with power-only trucking.

What are the Pros and Cons?


One of the Pros is having the ability to use different types of trailers, oftentimes running Power Only loads allows you the ability to use different type of trailers, this, in turn, can be beneficial before making a big purchase on a new trailer, allowing you to see what suits you best.

Type of Trailers:

There are many types of trailers you can haul if you are doing Power Only. These are just an example

  • Lowboy
  • Reefer Trailers 
  • Box
  • Flatbed
  • Dump Trailer


The Cons of not having your own trailer can be measured in the money you make or the lack thereof. Below we will list the most negative aspect of not having your own trailer.


  • Pay: Your pay is limited, many times less than if you own your own trailer.
  • More manual Work: Continuously connecting or disconnecting your trailer.
  • Limited Work Availability: Although this can vary from market to market, many Power Only operators are continuously on the short end of the stick regarding work availability.

TLDR: Final thoughts on Power Only

Seasoned owner-operators often suggest renting a trailer and trying it out before making the big purchase of a new trailer. You can also just run Power Only loads and see if the trailers you are pulling during this period of time are a good fit for you. Ultimately the success of your business will be determined by you. The trailer is just part of the puzzle in the (grandscheme of things

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