About The Amazon Freight Partners Program

According to news reports, Amazon is starting a new trucking venture with owner-operators called Amazon Freight Partners. It will be offering dedicated routes and lease purchase (loans) options on new trucks. Those interested in the program will be required to have at least $30,000 in liquid assets in order to qualify for the new Amazon program.

Starting with Amazon Freight Partners

The new Amazon Freight Partners are expected to have at least three trucks when first starting out and eventually have a fleet of ten trucks dedicated to running for Amazon, all that in just the first year.

But thats’ just the beginning, According to an Amazon internal document, the Amazon Freight Partners program will include business training for managing a fleet of 20 to 50 tractor-trailers or commercial box trucks, loans for semi-trucks, maintenance costs, and other guidance for new partners.

If these numbers are correct, Amazon is expecting Amazon Freight Partners to grow very quickly and incur large amounts of debt by purchasing or leasing new equipment in order to become a partner.

Amazon currently has over 100 delivery Freight Partners partners and is working to push that number to 285 by the end of 2021, according to news reports.

Amazon is Learning from Previous Delivery projects

Amazon’s new program is starting to resemble the van delivery program that it started in the past. The van delivery owners were required to welcome workers returning to the yard and give their drivers motivational speeches of encouragement. If these are all correct, The Partners Program will also require a hands-on leader.