Truck Driver Tracy Rollins Jr arrested on homicide charges

Tracy Rollins Jr., a 28-year-old truck driver from Texas, was arrested on homicide charges in connection to the death of 47-year-old Rebecca Landrith, whose body was found along an off-ramp at mile marker 199 on Interstate 80 East, according to a statement from the Pennsylvania State Police.

The body of Rebecca Landrith was found early Sunday morning by a Penn DOT worker in Union County, 125 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The worker spotted a body near the off-ramp of mile marker 199 on I-80 East. Landrith had been shot multiple times in the head, neck, throat, chest, and hand.

Rollins told police investigators he did not know Landrith or recognize her in the pictures. However, he did tell authorities that he’s picked up a woman named Leslie — a name Landrith had used in the past — who he said he had met at a truck stop in Milford.

The truck driver from Dallas is now facing charges of homicide and abuse of a corpse in her death, reports claim. Rollins is currently locked up in Connecticut with bail set at $1 million. He is awaiting extradition back to Pennsylvania.

Police used Rollins’ cell phone records and the receipts and were able to trace Tracy Rollins semi-truck route from Wisconsin to Maine, police noted a near half-hour-long stop late Saturday night near the Mile Run interchange in Pennsylvania, which is near where Landrith’s body was discovered, the affidavit states.

YouTube commenters have turned into columbo detectives during the coronavirus pandemic.

This commenter on one of Rebecca Landrith’s videos pointed out some interesting theories about the victims’ motives for being in the truck stops with truck drivers.

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