The U.S Trucking Industry & Covid Vaccination Requirements

The White House’s new rules – would require employers with more than 100 staff to ensure they are all vaccinated or be subject to weekly Covid tests. -These new requirements have the trucking industry imagining even higher turnover rates combined with driver shortages in the US trucking industry.

According to John Gallagher from FreightWaves, Trucking companies with approximately 50 tractors can have at least 100 employees, based on rough estimates. 

  • President Joe Biden in announcing the new requirement at the White House on Thursday. “The bottom line: We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers.” – BIDEN

These rules are expected to impact major truck companies & their employees the most, as most small mom-and-pop operations are well under the 100 employee threshold. In addition, major trucking companies will potentially have to deal with an even higher turnover rate because of Workers walking out on their jobs like never before.

Even before the mandate, Trucking companies, like many other industries in the U.S, have had to deal with workers quitting their jobs in droves after the lock-downs of 2020, primarily because of workers trying to have a more work-life balance.

In short, Trucking companies will have to increase wages to ride out the great turnover wave. 2021 will be a great time to enter the trucking industry for many, With major trucking companies offering bonus pay never before seen in the industry. Looking for a job?