How to Get Your Own Authority in Trucking

Information on How to Get Your Own Authority in Trucking

The process of obtaining your own authority is one of the most cumbersome and painstaking parts of being an owner-operator.

Obtaining your MC Number and USDOT Number is not as bad as the rest of the process, like getting IRP plates, IFTA, UCR registration, setting up a drug-testing program and maintenance schedule reporting, ELD logs, finding out what load boards are the best and what sketchy brokers to avoid or even find secure parking for your semi.

The whole process is expensive and the current government organizations don’t make it any easier by requiring you to go to different parts of the same government instead of being able to obtain most of the required documents from a centralized Government entity. streamlining? yeah, that is something lost in the whole process.

List of Documents & Programs needed to get Your Own Authority in Trucking

Assuming you already have your truck and insurance, these are the government documents needed to obtain your own Authority in Trucking

  • insurance
    MC Number & USDOT Number
  • IRP plates
  • IFTA
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
  • Drug policy program for drivers
  • ELD – E Log program / those local drivers staying within the 100-mile rule need not apply. See your local state DOT Authority for log requirements.

Important notice: An MC number isn’t required if you plan on leasing onto a carrier and will be running under their Authority and not your own.

Important notice:  IRP plates are only required if you plan on doing trips outside the state you are located in and don’t want to stop and pay IFTA fees every time you enter a new state. although you will still need to pay fees quarterly, rather than per trip.

List Of Apps and load Boards needed to get started as an owner-operator

Although they are not all required to use, they can help when one of your primary brokers or lead boards doesn’t have loads or is trying to lowball you into hauling basically freeloads.

  • DAT App
  • Uber Freight
  • Convoy
  • XPO Logistics

Here on We will be providing the first-hand experience on trucking apps & gadgets that are beneficial to running your own authority and helping you focus on running miles.