25 cent per mile tax on heavy trucks?

According to Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, it sounds like a great idea. He’s been pitching a new tax to pay for repairs to the country’s infrastructure. He also believes truckers will love the bill so much they’ll be happy to pay the extra tax. 

Texas Senator John Cornyn has proposed to the Senate Finance Committee a 25 cent per mile tax on heavy trucks: semis, moving trucks, cement mixers.

Cornyn said, “we’ve got to come up with some money from somewhere,” and that would bring in $33 billion a year, nearly as much as the current fuel taxes.

Leave it to the government to find a solution to everything with a new Tax and working folks. 

Republican John Cornyn III is an American politician and "attorney" serving as the senior United States Senator for Texas since 2002. 

If implemented this bill will have a heavy impact on mom and pop owner-operator business. This is a worrying approach from an otherwise pro-business state Senator John Cornyn, from the great state of Texas.