How to Choose a Semi-Truck for Maximum MPG

Selecting the right semi-truck for your business is a crucial decision. Not only do you need to consider how well it will suit your needs, but you also need to take into account the cost of fuel and its impact on your bottom line. Fortunately, there are several factors you can consider when shopping for a semi-truck that will help you maximize your mpg and minimize your costs. Let’s explore what these factors are.

Engine Size and Weight

One of the primary considerations when shopping for a semi-truck is engine size and weight. It’s important to consider both elements together, as they affect each other’s performance. For example, if you opt for a larger engine but don’t purchase an appropriately sized truck, then the extra weight of the truck may reduce its mpg. Alternatively, if you choose an undersized engine, then it will have to work harder to move heavier loads resulting in lower mpg.


Another factor to consider when buying a semi-truck is aerodynamics—which refers to how air flows over and around the vehicle’s body and affects its overall fuel efficiency. Many trucks come with aerodynamic designs that help reduce drag on the truck which can increase mpg by up to 10%. Additionally, some manufacturers offer special packages that feature additional aerodynamic components designed specifically for maximum fuel efficiency such as special tires, trailer skirts, and deflectors.


Finally, regular maintenance plays an essential role in maximizing your mpg as well as ensuring the safety of both driver and cargo. Regularly check fluids such as motor oil and coolant levels as well as tire inflation pressure—all of which can contribute significantly toward improving fuel efficiency. Additionally, make sure any filters are replaced regularly—dirty or clogged filters can reduce fuel economy by up to 10%. Lastly, ensure all lights are working properly; broken lights can create additional drag leading to decreased mpgs.

Final Thoughts.

With careful consideration of engine size and weight along with aerodynamics features and proper maintenance routines–it is possible to find a semi-truck that offers good mpg without sacrificing necessary features or power capabilities needed for hauling heavy loads safely down the roads! Choosing wisely upfront means fewer expenses later on in terms of both fuel costs and maintenance expenses–so take the time now to research all available options carefully before making any final decisions!