Understanding LTL: Less-Than-Truckload

Oftentimes Brokers and Carriers are at a disagreement on price because the Carriers believe they are getting swindled from the Brokers. After all, they see the low price on the boards per load. Yet more times than not, the Carriers aren’t aware it’s an LTL load.

What is Less Than Truckload?

Often times Less-Than-Truckloads are single pallets or loads, But never require the whole trailer.

An example would be a shipper having loads available that do not require the use of the whole trailer; those loads are often paid less than those with a full load. Yet, if you get enough of those Less-Than-Truckloads going to the same market or general area, you can still make enough money to make that route profitable.

What companies offer LTL?

These companies make multiple stops to multiple locations for different shippers on one or more truckloads. An example of freight Carriers is listed below.

  • FedEx Freight
  • YRC Freight
  • XPO
  • Old Dominion
  • UPS Freight
  • Estes
  • ABF Freight
  • R+L Carriers
  • SAIA
  • Southeastern Freight Lines
  • Averitt
  • Midwest Motor Express Inc