Electric Semi Truck Nikola tops expectations with the delivery of 48 electric trucks.


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  • Nikola’s second-quarter revenue and loss were both better than Wall Street expected.
  • The company built 50 trucks in the quarter, 48 of which were shipped to dealers before quarter-end.
  • Nikola confirmed that it’s still on track to hit its 2022 deliveries guidance as production ramps.
Nikola built a whopping 50 trucks during the second quarter, 48 of which were delivered to its dealers before quarter-end. All 50 of those trucks were battery-electric versions of its Tre semi. That was slightly below Nikola’s own forecast, which had called for between 50 and 60 deliveries in the period.

Lots of hype for 50 trucks? in comparison, in 2018 Peterbilt's factory in Denton was pumping out more than 150 trucks a day.