Electric Semi Truck NFI Industries & Schneider National will each put 50 battery-electric trucks into operation in Los Angeles-area


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SCE’s Charge Ready Transport program will provide EV charging for 100 electric trucks, eliminating 8,200 metric tons of harmful emissions annually.

NFI Industries Inc. of Camden, N.J. and Schneider National, Inc. of Green Bay, Wisconsin announced they will each put 50 heavy-duty, plug-in, battery-electric trucks into operation at their Los Angeles-area locations.

While many fleet operators are test-driving electric big rigs, Southern California Edison is helping two of its customers shift the electrification of their local fleets into high gear.

NFI and Schneider are participating in an initiative led by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to begin using 100 battery-electric trucks for regional hauls and for drayage, or the transportation of goods from ports to nearby warehouses.

California Joint Electric Truck Scaling Initiative​