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For Company Drivers low pay and grueling conditions fueling US truck driver shortage.

at Joe’s Travel Plaza, a neon-lit rest stop on California’s main interstate highway, truckers can get a brief respite from life on the road. There’s a TV lounge, a laundry room and a free shower if you buy at least 75 gallons of fuel. There’s even a pair of massage chairs in the corner.

Stacks of shipping containers at a Port of Houston facility in La Porte, Texas. A route emanating from south Texas could attract Mexican investment when a backlog of goods favors new ideas.

But drivers here are worried about the future. The supply chain crisis roiling the US has inevitably drawn them in, with a shortage of drivers being blamed for containers idling in ports and packages being delayed for months.

The trucking industry’s main trade body has said America is short about 80,000 drivers, a figure that’s made headlines around the country.